Ben Tre coconut has the charm of natural products from the river region

Ben Tre coconut not only contributes to creating a type of agricultural tourism with many unique cultural activities but also brings countless delicious, irresistible specialty gifts.

Brief introduction to Ben Tre coconut
Coming to Ben Tre, we cannot help but enjoy delicious coconut water and products made from natural ingredients that are considered precious products of this river region. Those are thick, sweet coconuts. It can be said that stopping to travel to this land without enjoying delicious dishes made from Ben Tre coconuts is a huge mistake for the travel community. Because just by trying these specialties once, you will surely understand immediately why Ben Tre people cherish the water coconuts that nature has bestowed upon this place.
What is special about Ben Tre coconuts?
Huge coconut output in Ben Tre river region
Ben Tre has long been known as the “green coconut capital” when it owns the largest area and output of coconuts in the country. In the province alone, there are currently 72,000 hectares of coconut forests with more than 200,000 households currently growing this tree. Because the value of processed coconut products accounts for about 20% of the province’s industrial production value and 25% of its export value, Ben Tre coconut is considered a crop that occupies a particularly important position in production and life.
Nature also does not disappoint the Ben Tre river region when it brings here coconuts that are both thick and have sweet water. Even more special are the specialties made from this fruit such as candy, Ben Tre coconut leaf cake… Just enjoy it once, these delicious dishes will make you forever remember the unique, irresistible flavor.
Activities revolving around Ben Tre coconut trees and fruits
Currently, Ben Tre is developing a type of agricultural tourism associated with Ben Tre coconut trees. Tour products, resort activities or entertainment here because they are sheltered under the shade of green coconuts, bring people closer to the green space of nature and the sky. This form of tourism has received very positive signals. It can be said that this is a solution to help revive the tourism industry which is suffering from the effects of climate change. Saving energy by living in houses made from Ben Tre coconut trees is also especially attractive to explorers. Ben Tre coconut seems to have become an indispensable part of the lives of people in this Mekong Delta river region. Quickly save dishes made from this natural product in your personal travel guide such as Ben Tre coconut candy, Thung Nuoc Tinh tea… so that you can have the opportunity to explore this place without forgetting to enjoy them. Ben Tre coconut raw materials will definitely bring you delicious, irresistible specialties.